Do You Have Holiday Volunteer Needs?

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The holidays are right around the corner!

HandsOn receives countless calls and emails from volunteers looking for holiday volunteer opportunities.  We try to provide them a robust and accurate list of options.  Make sure your needs are on the list by posting your holiday volunteer opportunities on the HandsOn website.

We will add it to our list of holiday opportunities called Winter Wishes.

*If you need additional training in the HandsOn system, join us for a training on November 14th.  Click here to learn more and RSVP.*

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You’re invited!

at home with the WORLD

A cosmopolitan evening celebrating International Volunteer Managers Day
The evening will feature the presentation of the Celebrating Leaders of Volunteer Excellence Recognition (CLOVER) Awards and special local and international guests.

  • Free Admission
  • Limited Seating
  • International Dessert Bar
  • 21 and over

Click here to RSVP.  Use the password: IVMD2012

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A Proof-Reader Looking for Something to Read

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A wonderful volunteer contacted us looking for a specific opportunity. She has an eye for editing and would love to proof-read any of your marketing materials, press releases, etc. Her only request is the material be emailed to her since she doesn’t have a lot of extra cash for gas. Please email Melissa if you would like to connect with this volunteer.

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Money for Good Study: Sharing Information About Your Org’s Results Can Attract More Donors

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From Beth Kanter’s Blog

GuideStar and Hope Consulting have released the results of new study, Money for Good II (MFGII).

The findings suggest that if nonprofits are more transparent in sharing information about their results online that they could attract more donors. The research found that two-thirds of individuals do not typically research the organizations they donate to compared those that advise donors and foundation grant-makers do due dilligence on every dollar they contribute. Despite these different approaches – giving from the heart versus the head – both groups want a broad range of information on the nonprofits’ impact, financials, anad legitimacy.

The study also states that donors want to be able to obtain this information from third-party portals and 53 percent of donors survyed want to use such sites. There is a high demand for data that shows how the nonprofit has been effective and made an impact. The research also suggests that if donors had better information to make their decisions and 5% used it to donate to the most effective nonprofits, this could lead to shift of $15 billion in contributed income to be invested in high performing nonprofits.

The study states that these findings offer an opportunity for nonprofits to better connect with donors by providing more detailed information about their performance and it is also an opportunity to educate donors about the need to research before donating.

The study points out that nonprofits can increase their fundraising and improve operations through an intentional focus on measurement – that helps them determine impact, effectiveness, and efficiency. After financial information, individual donors want information about how nonprofits are getting their results. (See above).

Does your nonprofit have a measurement system in place so that you can communicate results to potential donors?

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Important Update to the Partner Portal. ACTION REQUIRED!

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HandsOn Connect is updating this month to improve functionality. As a part of the HandsOn training for this, we realized that there is confusion about what type of volunteer opportunity to post. As we promised in HandsOn Connect training, we will continue to teach you more as we learn more. We have updated our training manual to increase the clarity and hopefully improve your posting experience. The updated training materials are live right now in HandsOn Connect, in the Documents tab. For many of you, this means you need to login to your account and make a few changes to your active opportunities. We understand this is a hassle. We really appreciate your willingness to work with us in this new system. We also promise this extra effort will be worth it in the long run! This resource to the community becomes more popular with volunteers everyday.

The main issue we have encountered is the difference between occurrences and recurrences. Please see the edited definitions below for clarification.
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A Few Tips to Optimize your "Searchability" on HandsOn Connect

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Would you like to help volunteers find your organization on HandsOn Connect, HandsOn’s new volunteer database? We have a few helpful tips that will ensure volunteers can find you based on interest and impact area.

1. Select Your Impact Area and Population Served. If you are the primary contact on our account, login and take a look at the My Organization tab. You will see drop down menus for both impact area and population served. If your organization would like to select more than one item from these lists, send what you would like selected to Melissa. Unfortunately, partners can only select one of each at this time. We hope that will change in the future.

2. Beef up your Organization Description. On top of ensuring volunteers know the population you serve and the impact area you work in, you can also add key works to your organizational description. This section is again under the My Organization tab. It is labeled Mission Statement in the Partner Portal but it is not labeled on the public site so you can put anything you want in there. Include common search words like literacy, environment, at risk youth, etc. This will help volunteers find you when they conduct basic searches on the database.

3. Make sure you have an active opportunity available for sign up. Like many of us, volunteers hate running into a dead end! Imagine finding an organization that fits your values and interests only for it to appear that the organization isn’t currently seeking volunteers. Even if you do not have a specific need available, always have at least one general opportunity active. Remember the goal is to make it easy for volunteers to engage with you. Also, organizations who are not active on the database are sometimes hidden from searches. Don’t miss out on meeting a great volunteer!

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How Will the Public See you on the HandsOn Website?

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The new HandsOn Connect Database continues to grow in popularity with volunteers throughout the community. Have you considered what people might see when they look up your organization on the database?

Remember the content about your organization in Connect is completely controlled by you! We know that some struggle with using the site or prefer to remain less active. However, consider the message you send when volunteers hit a dead end. Even if you do not have or wish to share specific needs on HandsOn Connect please consider maintaining a general volunteer posting so people have a easy way to contact you. You could update that posting as little as once a year. You never know who you might encounter!

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Be Loud! Demand Training!

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Our annual partner services survey has been open and available since 8.23.11. Only 6% of our total partner agencies have completed this survey, which informs how we communicate with you and which services we provide. At this point it looks like there is not a need to offer volunteer management trainings as a series for this fiscal year. We will leave the survey open until 11.09.11 to give you an opportunity to have your voice heard if you want specific trainings to be offered. The survey is available on this link.

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Volunteer Management Advocacy Kit

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As a member of the Oregon state Committee on Volunteerism, the HandsOn team had the opportunity to help craft a Volunteer Management Advocacy Kit.  This kit serves to equip volunteer managers to advocate for their profession, offering strategies, tools, resources and connections.

In addition, there are great resource at Reimagining Service, a national coalition of multi-sector representatives whose aim is to convert good intentions into greater impact.

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6 Tips for Recruiting Boomer Volunteers

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From the HandsOn Network Blog

Why are boomers the future of volunteering? First, because of their sheer size: boomers represent about 77 million potential volunteers. They also have longevity on their side; this group has an average life expectancy of 83 years. That, coupled with higher levels of income and savings than earlier waves of retirees, suggest they have both the time and resources for volunteering.

Could you benefit from boomer volunteers? Here are some tips to help recruit them:

  • Boomers may be highly resistant to a group that includes the previous generation. They may be highly resistant to words like “senior”, “older adult”, “golden years”, “mature adult”, etc. Be creative – anecdotal evidence shows that “experienced” may appeal to this demographic. “Experienced” avoids negative connotations associated with aging and highlights the fact that you value their experience and skills.
  • Be highly aware of the images used in materials targeted towards boomers. According to the Boomer Project national survey, boomers see themselves as being
  • at least 12 years younger than their chronological age. Images of individuals they perceive as “elderly” may be unappealing to boomers – they want to see people who reflect their own self-image.
  • Consider using words other than “volunteer” which is often associated with negative images of PTA lunches or menial tasks unappealing to boomers. The Montgomery County Volunteer Center came up with the name “Pro-Bono Consultants” after several volunteers felt as if they were continuing their professional work – but in an unpaid capacity.
  • According to the Harvard study, Reinventing Aging, boomers are less likely to volunteer out of a response to civic duty or obligation. For goal-oriented boomers, a message shows how they can make a difference in their community is more effective.
  • Boomers may need to have a sense of “what’s in it for me?” Recent studies have shown the health benefits of volunteering, as well as the social benefits that may be important as boomers leave the workplace.
  • Bear in mind that boomers may never fully “retire” – they express a strong interest in continuing part-time work or self-employment. Even a boomer who works a few hours a year may not consider themselves “retired” – tailor you messages, as well as your opportunities, accordingly.
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