All The Leaves Are Brown…

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I’m sure everyone enjoyed the stunning colors the valley’s beautiful trees bestowed upon us this fall season.  The reds, yellows, oranges, purples and pinks that lit up the hillsides have made their slow transition to brown and their final fall to your garden, sidewalks, roofs, decks, and everywhere in between.  Watching the nature’s transition has been fun, but every party needs a clean-up crew and we’ve got a fun and exciting way to do it!

Every fall, leaves all over the Northern Hemisphere fall to the earth, providing a delicious meal for the microscopic organisms, worms, and other tiny creatures who call the soil their home.  The same leaves also fall onto sidewalks, roads, gardens, and everywhere else you can imagine causing drains and gutters to clog. How do we utilize the trees’ yearly gift to the ground and also keep them out of our drains and gutters? On December 1st, the City of Salem will be holding the Fall Leaf Haul.  Residents can bring their leaves and grass clippings to one of three locations where they will be turned into valuable compost! This year Wallace Marine Park, the State Fairgrounds, and Sprague High School will be drop of points for the fallen foliage. These locations can’t run themselves, so they rely on volunteers to make it happen. If you’d like to volunteer for the Fall Leaf Haul, click here and sign yourself up!

From stunning colors in the early fall to a nutritious meal for our soil-ridden friends in the early winter, the trees really have embodied the holiday spirit of giving. And if a tree can do it, so can you! Give your some of you time and talent this year to helping clear the city’s drains while making compost and new friends!


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