International Children’s Books Day

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From the HandsOn Network Blog

Happy International Children’s Book Day!What is so special about this day? Since 1967, this has been a day of celebrating children’s literature and inspiring a love of reading to all kids worldwide. From Dr. Seuss to the Bernstein Bears, we have all been touched by the magic of children’s literature. While there are many ways that you can celebrate, sharing your love of reading is a great way to get your kids involved!

Studies show that the more kids read, the more likely they will foster a love of reading. Volunteering to share the love of reading with a child will help positively promote this statistic. The list below will help you better your experience when helping kids learn to read and foster of love for books!

  1. Choose a book that matches the child’s hobbies or interests
  2. Leave books or other reading materials in places that will be easily seen or found by your kids
  3. Pay attention to what catches your child’s attention. Whether your child is interested in picture books or action novels, make sure you continuously offer things he or she will find entertaining.
  4. Read in your spare time, so that your child will model your behavior.
  5. Share the gift of the library with your kids. Allow them to explore the different resources so that they discover a new love within the materials!
  6. Identify reading a useful resource rather than a chore. Your child is more likely to continue to read, if they see it as a resource of learning.
  7. Encourage your older children to read to their younger siblings or younger neighborhood children.
  8. Play reading related games or watch television shows that encourage reading or share literature lessons.
  9. Set aside a reading time everyday in your household, when you and your kids can read a book for a set amount of time (or longer).
  10. Read aloud to your child or children that you volunteer with.
  11. Encourage your child to read their favorite book aloud or something they find interesting to their family.
  12. Donate books to your local school, shelter, or give books to your own kids or neighbors.
  13. Give your kids a bookmark; so that they know to read at their own pace, they do not need to finish a book in one sitting.
  14. Hang out with your family and read a comedy book. Show your kids that reading does not need to be a serious activity all the time.
  15. Reinforce positive reading experiences by following a good experience with an adventure. If your child enjoyed reading about American history, take them to your local history museum.
  16. Offer incentives to get your child reading more!
  17. Organize a book drive at your child’s school.
  18. Volunteer to be a parent reader in your child’s classroom.
  19. Limit the amount of time your child watches television, so that they can read more books.
  20. Encourage your child to read everyday things such a menus or traffic signs.

Today is a great day to foster a love of reading in your child, neighbors, students, etc. It is important to encourage children to read at every stage and every age. Follow these steps to get started!

For more information:

Volunteer to encourage reading!  Check out volunteer opportunities focused on literacy at

Learning to Give, the philanthropy education and service-learning program of generationOn, has numerous lessons and units to help teach literacy while combining the learning with service.  Each lesson is aligned to the academic standards of all fifty states as well as the Common Core Standards.  Start your search here:

How are you fostering a love of reading today?


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