A New Spin on the Office Holiday Party

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From the HandsOn Network Blog

It’s that time of year again, the annual office holiday parties! Great, a day full of awkward socializing, lots of food, and buying presents for people you don’t know very well. What could be better, right? Using this time to volunteer as an office instead of spending awkward quality time together!

“How can this happen?” you may be wondering. By turning your Secret Santa gifts into service donations!

“Whoopee! Wait now what? How do I actually do this in my office?”

Easy, tell employees to bring a toy that they think the employee whose name they drew would have liked as a kid. For example, bring in a football for that jock in your office, a Barbie doll for the fashionista, or a game of chess for the deep thinker. Once the gifts are exchanged, donate them to children in need! Not only does your office get to have a good laugh about the toys that they get, children also get to have an awesome Christmas thanks to your office donations!

Volunteering and donating to your office’s favorite charities is a great way to make a solid bond between co-workers. Want some more ideas to keep this holiday spirit of giving up around your office? Look, we’ve got more!

  • Volunteer for your co-workers favorite organizations or causes: Send around an email asking co-workers to share where they like to volunteer or what they are passionate about. Make these ideas into a day of employee service. Choose a place close to the office and try to get all staff members to attend. Try closing the office that day so that your co-workers can reflect on the experience together. Nothing spells teamwork like volunteering as a team!
  • Make toys or decorations for your community members: Is there a retirement community in your area? A children or family shelter? They would love help with Christmas celebrations this year! Make cards or pictures so that they can decorate their walls with lots of holiday chair. Make toys or assemble toys for families or children in need so that they can have an unforgettable Christmas! It is a great way to spark conversation among employees that will focus on something besides the stresses of work. *There are a variety of organizations seeking donations during the holidays at database.handsonmwv.org/events
  • Make a donation to your company’s favorite cause: Do you have spare change laying around your desk or in your pocket? Great donate it to those who need it more than your desk surface! Vote on a charity to make donations to and pass around a collection bucket to your employees at the Christmas party. After donations are received recruit employees to personally donate the money to the designated charity. Who knows, they may like this idea so much that it will become an office tradition?
  • Pick an ornament, give a gift: Put up a Christmas tree in the office with names and ages of children or families who may be struggling this holiday season. Get in contact with your local shelters to see who will sponsor this project. Employees can grab a name, buy and wrap a present to put back under the tree. The presents will then get donated to the needy families. Not only will families get a better Christmas thanks to your company’s presents, but also your office will be decorated with the tree and Christmas presents.
  • Participate in generationOn’s Holiday Gift Campaign: GenerationOn and Hasbro have a holiday gift campaign running until December 13, 2011. Every time a pledge of service is made, a Hasbro toy is donated to Toys for Tots (up to 100,000 toys). A pledge of service can be made on behalf of an entire organization or company! It is an easy way to not only get this idea of giving back initiated into your office environment, but also a good way to give back to those in need!

Volunteering is a great way to bring employees together because it is a way to collaborate on something other than work. When all employees feel passionate about the activity they are doing they can build a more effective team.

Sounds better than your awkward office Secret Santa event or tacky sweater party? Great! Give back this holiday season, and build a more effective work team through volunteering!


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